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Website footer examples 2020

Tim Brown is the owner of Hook Agencyan SEO and Web Design company focused primarily on driving traffic and leads for small businessesroofers and construction companies. Website footers are the most under-rated, and powerful element of website design. We recently designed this for a luxury condo construction client. This is a footer we designed for a heavy civil construction client.

This footer works well because of the white bold font Gilroy over the blue overtoned image, as well as the engaging headline question. PPC landing pages are a lot of fun to design because they can defy a lot of the convetional UX we might use for a regular website. We can more precisely guide what interactions we want the user to take to keep them hooked in an on the page. This footer works well with the engaging hero image combined with the CTA and lead cap form.

Many might see it as a risky move to not put sitemap links in the footer but in my opinion it really matters on the scale and goals of the business. We designed this footer as part of a website for a side project of an already existing client and it works because their business is currently small and focused on getting leads into their space.

We focused on that goal by leaving out extraneous items and having a prominent map with contact info. This is a new footer we designed for a financial services client of ours. We knew from the beginning their footer had to contain a lot of links so we took advantage of the size and added additional emotional imagery and headlines to keep the user engaged. We followed the notion that no space should be left untouched with this design.

This is a footer we designed for a client in a creative agency industry. What I love about this is that it utilizes columns and big vertical spacing to create different sections. The strong contrast between the logo, UI elements and the submit button — as well as the bold simplicity and centering of the menu, and social icons. Check out this 26 website color schemes post too.

They then have a caveat about the opinions of the people on their podcast. This makes the other elements stick out more. Clearly — this agency is much more focused on recruiting great talent with a kind-looking, smiling face of course, as a background photo than just getting more business on their home page.

website footer examples 2020

My god, this footer is good. If you want to amp up the color instead of playing it down, what about a rainbow-esque footer? Use this concept by making introductions of each of your key pages at the bottom of your site, each with their own corresponding color.

Just the logo in white, the navigation, a subscription box, Terms links, social icons, and a copyright. Use this concept by opting for a little more built out footer, without going too far. The context of this type of footer is key of course — as not a lot of companies could get away with this.

I love contact forms in footers. This is a wonderful example of a very robust footer, that still comes across as clean to me. We fit a lot into our footer design, without making it feel cluttered. Use this concept — by moving towards a very simple 3 column layout with understated typography. You want your website footer to be functional, not just beautiful. We know to expect navigational elements at the end of the page, but people expect to see contact info as well.

Here are a couple of other things that may make sense to include in a footer design. If you're a manufacturer — you need an easy-to-use website that shows ideal customers what you do, and why it…. What is white space in Design? White space in graphic and web design is simply the places in between elements….Aside from the main body content, a website includes a header and footer, which serve a particular purpose to help visitors. We previously shared 20 best free website header design templates and examples for your inspiration.

A website footer is a section of content at the very bottom of your webpage. The opposite of a website header, which appears at the very top of your page, the footer might be the last thing your visitors see - especially for those who scroll down quickly. In this case, the footer may be more important than you think.

website footer examples 2020

In addition, if you have more content that cannot be displayed on the page properly, the footer provides screen real estate. For example, links to external resources, links to secondary pages, your sponsors, privacy policy, and terms and conditions. Your visitors may have no idea how long your page is, and it is not user-friendly if they have to scroll all the way up to the header if they need to search for something. Make sure your website footer contains all the sections of your site as comprehensively as possible.

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Below are some principles you should bear in mind:. Make it simple and clean: You should keep all the content organized and easy on the eyes. Make it professional and trustworthy: If you want visitors to take action, you must earn their trust.

Make it aesthetically pleasing: You should carefully choose colour contrasts, font size, and structure. Also make sure your footer blends well with your overall website design.

Designing a functional and beautiful footer actually requires a lot of work. Before you start, you need to think certain things through: What should be in your footer?

What should NOT be in your footer?

These three sections of content are essential for any website. They are necessary for legal protection. Copyright : The year and the copyright symbol will protect your website from plagiarism. Want to your visitors to get in touch and become your customers?While you may have plenty of things to think about, bear in mind that this often overlooked piece of content can be make-or-break for certain visitors.

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With some thought and strategic planning, a well-designed footer can help you accomplish your business goals. This guide will cover everything from what to include in your website footer to how to create your own.

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A website footer is the strip of content located at the very bottom of a webpage, and is often repeated on every page of a website. While your homepage design is often what provides visitors with a first impression of your site, your footer is likely to be the last thing people see. This strategic spot is the ideal place to add a final CTA call-to-actionencouraging site visitors to get in touch or subscribe to your mailing list.

website footer examples 2020

Lastly, your footer provides you with an organized place in which to include basic information like terms and conditions, privacy policy and other legal issues. However, most of them are fairly small and only contain the most pertinent information. There are a few basic bits of information that visitors will expect to see in your website footer. Stick to design conventions and include your privacy policy and terms of use.

20 Best Website Footer Designs for Inspiration in 2020

This will also help you appear professional and trustworthy. You can also create a short online form for getting in touch. Last but not least, make sure to add the year and copyright symbol. This will help protect you against anyone trying to plagiarise your website. List the various sections of your site and link to them, providing visitors with an overall understanding of the content you offer. Every piece of content on your website is a chance to reflect your unique personality and brand identity.

The same goes for your footer. It should be cohesive with the rest of your website designto offer a smooth browsing experience. Stick to your brand colors and voice. In fact, it could be the last thing your visitors see.As the name suggests, website footers are website sections that can be found on the very bottom of the pages. If the pages of your website are especially long, instead of scrolling all the way back up, visitors will be able to click another page that interests them provided in the footer.

This makes their experience on your website much smoother. We will talk about the elements that make up modern and useful footers, and afterward we will look at some great website footer examples. Website footers differ in sizes, styles, and content, but what they all have in common is the abundance of information they contain.

But despite the fact that they can contain a ton of information, try not to go overboard and include only what you think is necessary for your visitors to find their way around your site.

Back inSmart Insights increased the sales conversion of one of their clients by Every website nowadays has a map, and businesses with multiple locations include maps that have all of them.

Visitors are able to interact with them and zoom in and out to get a better idea of the locations. Remember how I mentioned earlier that footers can contain website navigations, which make the lives of your visitors much easier? While some websites place testimonials on a special section of their homepage, some prefer to have them in the footers.

These are usually short testimonials without images of clients and are sentences long max. They usually contain one empty box where the visitors put in their email and a call-to-action button next to it, which allows the visitors to sign up for receiving the newsletter. Here are two small footer elements: the sitemap is there to help search engines find things, and the copyright line is a defense against plagiarism.

Usually preceded by the copyright line, a link to the privacy policy is a necessary part of every website today. It is important that you tell your visitors if you collect their information, how you use it, who you share it with, and for how long you retain it. Similar to the privacy policy, a terms of use link contains rules related to all the content on a website and is most often included in the website footer.

Some websites combine the privacy policy and the terms of use and have them on the same page. Social media icons and links enable your customers to find your social media accounts so they can follow you and interact with you and your posts. People are following brands on social media more than ever, so be sure to include social icons in the website footer.

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5 modern Website Footer Examples and what they should contain in 2020

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