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Vegeta god of destruction episode

However, as it is Dragon Ball, things do not stay normal for long. While Goku got to work on mastering the next stage of Ultra Instinct, Vegeta was left to question where the future of his powers lay. However, a conversation with Lord Beerus opened the door to Vegeta mastering a different godly power that could rival Goku. Or Did you really think us Gods of Destruction would run around using a move where you gotta keep your heart all calm and tranquil? Since the series introduced and later fleshed-out the mythology surrounding Gods of Destruction, fans have dropped theories that Vegeta is the clear candidate for the job.

Even in his reformed form, the Saiyan Prince is beloved for his gruff hot-head nature. Beerus taking Vegeta under his wing is a story thread we hope grows over time. Dragon Ball anime is on indefinite hiatus.

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Goku \u0026 Vegeta Vs All Gods Angels Grand Priest \u0026 Zeno Power Levels - CharlieCaliph

Inline Feedbacks.But even so, the gap between Goku and Vegeta has undeniably become wider than ever. Both Goku and Vegeta have trained in order to match Moro's planet energy-absorbing ability. Goku has trained with Merus and manages to acquire Ultra Instinct Sign. Vegeta, on the other hand, has gone to Yardrat, the planet where Goku has learned Instant Transmission Technique.

He meets up with Goku's past mentor and leader of Yardrat and undergoes the same training as Goku did. He's even been told that he's progressing at a much faster rate than Goku did, which eventually leads to Vegeta learning Forced Spirit Fusion. This allows Vegeta to both force Moro into coughing up the energy he has absorbed and giving Goku the energy he needed to finally end Moro.

But despite learning a technique that even Goku has failed to learn, Vegeta still falls behind Goku's Ultra Instinct. The question, however, is how.

Vegeta's pride hinders him from treading the same path as Goku. He also explains that Gods of Destructions will find it difficult to use Ultra Instinct given their temperament. However, Beerus also explicitly states that he isn't going to teach or train Vegeta, so he's on his own.

But this doesn't reduce Vegeta's chances of learning the technique used by Gods of Destruction to zero. Consulting with Whis is one option. Given that Whis is Beerus' Angel attendant and martial arts teacher, he must know or at least has an idea about the God of Destruction's technique. Even if Whis cannot train Vegeta, he must at least be able to point him in the right direction.

Christian Markle is writing manga related articles for Screen Rant, among other websites. Christian's favorite manga is One Piece, which the ever lost Zoro is undeniably the best character. By Christian Markle 17 hours ago. Share Share Tweet Email 0. Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view.Dragon Ball Super 's new Granola The Survivor arc is now out, and it has already set up some exciting new elements that could push Dragon Ball Super forward for many years to come.

Goku has learned that he's only scratching the surface of Ultra Instinctas the divine ability has many higher stages to reach. While Goku got to work on mastering the next stage of Ultra Instinct, Vegeta was left to question where the future of his powers lay.

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However, a conversation with Lord Beerus opened the door to Vegeta mastering a different godly power that could rival Goku. So now, the question is once again before us:. As Whis trains Goku in progressing Ultra Instinct's power or "accuracy" as it's describedVegeta and Beerus watch from the sidelines.

Beerus asks if Vegeta will be following in Goku's footsteps to master Ultra Instinct - but Vegeta has vowed never again to chase Goku's power-up coattails, and so Ultra Instinct is of no interest to him. When Beerus hears that, he lets Vegeta in on a little divine secret: Ultra Instinct is just one of the godly powers that can be mastered: " Ultra Instinct ain't the only technique of the gods," Beerus tells Vegeta.

Or Did you really think us Gods of Destruction would run around using a move where you gotta keep your heart all calm and tranquil? Vegeta is hot and bothered for Beerus to teach him "this technique you Gods of Destruction use," but Beerus angrily snaps that training people "ain't in my job description. Beerus invites Vegeta to follow him and observe his fight exercises, with the freedom to "steal" anything useful he observes. Since the series introduced and later fleshed-out the mythology surrounding Gods of Destruction, fans have dropped theories that Vegeta is the clear candidate for the job.

Ultra Instinct's zen-like requirements made fans debate whether the power-up for a character like Vegeta. Even in his reformed form, the Saiyan Prince is beloved for his gruff hot-head nature. Now there's godly power to go along with Vegeta's personality type - as well as a clear path for him to grow into more than a Goku power clone.

Beerus taking Vegeta under his wing is a story thread we hope grows over time. A Vegeta Hakai attack would be fan-service overload. Dragon Ball anime is on indefinite hiatus.

Start the Conversation.Originally, there was a God of Destruction for each of the then-existing eighteen universes until Zeno destroyed six of them, leaving only twelve at the time of their introduction in Dragon Ball Super.

Once every millennium, the Kais and the Gods of Destruction go to each other's realms and hold a coordination meeting. Gods of Destruction, due to being considerably stronger than Kais by nature, are usually more capable of dealing with universal threats than Kais, however, they seem to have no obligation to heed the commands of Kais, and thus tend to be whimsical as to which threats to eliminate.

Despite their almost absolute authority, even the Gods of Destruction have restrictions. They are not allowed travel through time or allow anyone else to though Whis can transport Beerus through time to the Time Nest where Chronoa resides if he wishes to speak with her or at her request as shown in the Xenoverse series. They are also prohibited from fighting each other unless requested or authorized in a safe area. In fact, if a God of Destruction violates these restrictions or isn't doing their job to the best of their ability, Zeno has the authority to remove or even erase them from the position and appoint a new Destroyer.

Though the Gods of Destruction may enjoy their duty, some going as far as to revel in it, they are not inherently evil, as some can be somewhat benevolent in the case of Sidraand do not seem to revel in their destruction but instead use their powers to enforce "justice" in their own universe by destroying only planets or anything which they consider evil like Belmod and the Pride Troopersand are actually well-mannered and kind-hearted when in a good mood or at ease.

Also, at least in the cases of Beerus and Champa, food is their natural way to calm down and socialize, with them going as far as becoming friends with mortals if they are pleased well enough, though they remain serious and do not joke around when doing their job.

Also, unlike Angelsand like the Supreme Kaisthey share the emotions that mortals possess and are prone to the same revolt and rage, which may cause them to commit abuse of their power, injustice, evil, and tyranny. While the Gods of Destruction are generally fearless of deities and mortals alike, they are shown to respect both the two Zenos and the Grand Minister due to their position and power.

While Gods of Destruction may destroy any individuals that oppose them or causes them trouble through their actions whether intentionally or accidentallythey may spare mortals whom they find useful even if they are evil, as Beerus tolerated Frieza and his empire despite Frieza being evil to the core, though this was due to Frieza's willingness to serve Beerus as his Agent of Destruction due to his fear of Beerus' power, which was so great that King Cold ordered both his sons Cooler mentions being warned in Xenoverse 2 to never oppose Beerus.

Similarly, though he was disgusted by Frost's true nature, Champa was willing to support him if he helped Team Universe 6 win the Tournament of Destroyers. Beerus, however, allowed the surviving Saiyans to live, as they were good people who possessed power greater than Frieza, and he even allowed Goku and Vegeta to train on his planet due to his seeing them both as capable, rivaling him in strength, though this was mainly due to knowing they had little desire to usurp him and were unlikely to misuse that power though he was not above threatening to destroy them when they did something to annoy him in order to keep them in line.

Additionally, even if they befriend mortals, Gods of Destruction are no more obligated to help them than their divine counterparts and some such as Beerus will even refuse to assist them on principle, though this is mainly for their benefit, as Gods of Destruction destroy mainly to encourage growth among the mortal population of their universe, thus Beerus' refusal is to prevent Bulma and the Z Fighters from relying on him to save the Earth from every crisis they can't handle, though this only applies to dealing with threats as Beerus may help them in indirect ways such as providing information and may destroy villains if they irritate him.

In fact, one of Beerus' reasons for helping Goku kill Frieza by allowing Whis to assist was so Goku could correct his mistakes that had resulted in Earth's destruction, as it was Goku's naivety and overconfidence that lead him to underestimate Frieza's ruthlessness thus it was meant to foster Goku's growth as a warrior. Beerus later decided he preferred Goku and his friends over the return of Frieza and his empire, only having Frieza revived after he assisted Team Universe 7 in winning the Tournament of Power even when it meant working alongside his hated enemies, though Beerus was fully aware that Frieza would seek his revenge once revived and only joined the team to save himself from being erased.

However, Beerus was simply honoring the agreement that Goku made with Frieza who was no threat to the God of Destruction himselfthough Beerus likely trusted Goku and Vegeta to take care of Frieza and his empire, given that he was likely to seek revenge on them anyway.

Beerus was even less obligated to help Frieza when he was still in power and Champa felt no obligation to assist Frost if he failed as he remarked his dislike of Frost's evil nature, only willing to assist him as long as his power was an asset to him. Champa, however, had no problem with attempting to destroy Frost once he and the rest of Team Universe 6 lost the Tournament of Destroyers. However, some Gods of Destruction despise evil, such as Belmond and, to a lesser extent, Sidra who was willing to work with assassins and even Frieza due to the threat posed by the Tournament of Powerthus are less likely to tolerate such individuals except in only the most extreme circumstances such as the Tournament of Power.

They, but not all, are shown to occasionally be short-tempered, to the extent that even the Angels know to steer clear from their path when their lords are pushed to the breaking point. The Gods of Destruction are linked to the Supreme Kais of their universe, and, if all of the Supreme Kais were to die, the God of Destruction would too, as a way to maintain the balance of the respective universe. The Gods of Destruction are less vulnerable than the Supreme Kais in that sense, since they can continue to live on, as long as even a single Supreme Kai exists in their universe, whereas the death of a God of Destruction would instantly kill all Supreme Kais, regardless of how numerous.

This link does not extend to the Apprentice Supreme Kais, however, as Gowasu 's death caused Rumsshi to die despite Zamasu still being alive. Despite the life-link and status as a god, a God of Destruction is not obligated to show respect or treat his or her associated Kai kindly. Beerus, for example, constantly belittles his universe's Kais and even went so far as to seal away Old Kai for some unknown offense.

In the manga, Rumsshi threatens to kill his universe's Kai, Gowasu, if their summons to Zeno's palace was to berate their handling of Zamasu. Interestingly, while Beerus is careful to ensure no harm comes to his universe Supreme Kais, he never came into conflict with Kid Buu despite the Majin threatening to destroy them all on at least two occasions.

However, on both occasions, Beerus was presumably asleep and unaware his universe's Supreme Kai were in trouble Old Kai never mentioned Beerus or sought his assistance, possibly due to fear he might be sealed and the destruction that Beerus could cause if he were wakened from his nap prematurely.

Thus in Universe 7, the Supreme Kai are more vulnerable when Beerus is asleep presumably Whis is unable to assist without being expressly ordered to. In the manga, it is stated that all the Gods of Destruction hold a grudge against Beerus because of his carelessness of falling asleep during Zeno's All Universe Hide and Seek Tournamentan antic that made Zeno furious and the other Gods of Destruction had to quickly plan to alleviate his anger, a life or death decision that they would always hold Beerus responsible for.

Despite their immense power and longevity, Gods of Destruction are known to be capable of dying. Due to this, their angel attendant will seek out and train potential replacements.

Is Vegeta Becoming The Next God of Destruction?

The candidates do not have to be of a divine race as mortals are selected as candidates if they possess adequate power.

Goku and Vegeta of Universe 7 were both offered candidate positions by their universe's guide angel, but turned down the offer due to simply wanting to become stronger on their own. Candidates, once chosen and accepted, can take on the power of destruction with training from an angel to control its power and Godly Ki.

Additionally, in the Xenoverse series, Whis seeks to train Time Patrollers mainly in the hopes of finding potential candidates to replace Beerus, though the Supreme Kai of Time lashes out at him for trying to headhunt Time Patrol personnel when he asks the Future Warrior if they would like to be the next God of Destruction, thus presumably this practice is frowned on by Chronoa and Elder Kai, though they still permit Whis to work as an Instructor at the Time Patroller Academy.I am very fortunate to have found such great people to design my website.

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