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Statement kitchen wallpaper uk

An impressive statement wall is all it takes to give a room the wow factor. Here's a show-stopping selection of the best feature wall ideas. A fabulous wallpaper is a surefire way to grab attention.

Add oomph to your scheme with the bold Sumi wallpaper by Harlequin above. This stunning geometric print in an on-trend indigo, stands out brilliantly against a neutral backdrop, while the visible brush strokes and graduated colour add extra depth.

A clock doesn't have to be purely practical. By choosing an oversized design, you can create a distinctive focal point for any room. This impressive feature, in the home of Chloe and Jim Read, owners of Newgate Clocks, was found at a flea market but there are lots of similar options at Alexander and Pearl or keep an eye out at Newgate Clocks for some great ideas. If you want a feature wall that's more eye-catching than you'll get with a single paint colour, then paint the wall in a vivid shade and add a stripe detail in a complementary hue.

Taking the effect onto the ceiling will bring even more impact to your room. Shop more Dulux paints here. Vertical stripes are a great way of creating a sense of space, especially in small rooms, as they'll make the ceiling seem higher. Team with a neutral paint on the room's other walls and opt for pale furniture to enhance the sleek and spacious effect.

Framed fabrics serve as artworks that you can match to your colour scheme. A toning wall colour makes the designs pop and a collection of different sized frames brings another level of interest. Buy similar ready-made examples like this Fabric Hoop Wall Art from Bluebellgray or make your own from embroidery hoops and a selection of favourite fabrics.

A feature wall of framed prints or photographs is a very personal way to stamp your identity on a space. Plan your arrangement with pieces of paper cut to the size and shape of your artwork, lay them out on the floor first to get a good idea of how they fit together before you commit to hanging them. Sticking to a coordinating colour palette will also help to ensure you have a cohesive display but if you're colour confident a mix and match arrangement will have even greater impact.

If you love the rustic look then stripping back plasterwork to expose the brick underneath will certainly add character. But if you don't have brick walls you can get the same effect by using a brick wallpaper such as Old Brick Wall from Mr Perswall. It's the perfect backdrop for industrial-inspired furniture and accessories. Keep track of your family's plans with a blackboard wall.

statement kitchen wallpaper uk

Patterned paint rollers offer a similar look to wallpaper and have an attractive hand-painted effect. And in a few simple steps you can create a feature wall in the colour of your choice. The Painted House has a range of rollers inspired by nature, from delicate flowers to bird designs. Visit The Painted House for instructions on how to achieve a fabulous result.

Form and function go hand in hand with this storage solution. The bright yellow and black units create a big impression and there's ample space to stow away all your media paraphernalia. The above configuration is from Ikea's Besta range or use Ikea's Besta TV and media furniture planner to custom design a system perfect for your room and storage needs.

Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Will a third lockdown affect home renovations? The best SAD lamps to buy in House Beautiful kitchens at Homebase. How to make your home a haven of wellbeing in Olivia Heath Digital Editor, House Beautiful UK Olivia Heath is the Digital Editor at House Beautiful UK, uncovering tomorrow's biggest home trends all while delivering stylish room inspiration, small space solutions, easy garden ideas and house tours of the hottest properties on the market.

This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.Update the look at feel of your space when you choose the right kitchen or bathroom wallpaper from our extensive range. When it comes to decorating your bathroom, choosing the best wallpaper will be down to personal preference.

Opt for vinyl wallpaper for a cost-effective, yet stylish finish. For extra style points, draw attention to one wall in your bathroom when you choose a patterned wallpaper or wall mural to match your theme. Blue bathrooms are always popular, while a grey bathroom is sure to stand the test of time. Kitchen wallpaper can help create a homely feel and enhance the appearance of your worktops and cabinets.

Choose waterproof wallpaper for your kitchen to make cleaning easy. Tile or patterned decorative wallpaper can also make a stylish selection. View all Kitchens. View all Bathrooms.

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View all Building Materials. Bathroom Flooring Kitchen Flooring. View all Flooring. Portable Heaters Smart Heaters. Beading Architrave Covers Angles. Shelving Home Storage. Tile Adhesives Tile Grout. Grey White Black Cream Brown.

View all Tiles. View all Kitchen Showroom. Madison White Madison Grey. Ohio Cream. Dakota White. View all Ready to fit Kitchens. Offers Offers. View all Offers. Ideas Flooring Trends. Flooring Buying Guide. Ideas Tile Trends.

Tiles Buying Guide. View all Home Maintenance. Buying Guides Smart Home. View all Home Security. View all Latest Offers.Introducing wallpaper into the kitchen adds warmth and style, and makes it a room you could really live in. But, as larger spaces increasingly incorporate living and dining elements, a new approach is needed.

With kitchens required to function as three rooms in one, careful thought should be given to the scheme as a whole. Be inspired by holiday cottages and days at the beach to create a fresh and relaxed look in your home.

Set a nostalgic feel with vintage-inspired, watercolour-effect wallpaper and some simple white-painted wooden furniture. Order a sample of the wallpaper before buying so you can test it out in your chosen room. Like paint, the colour of a wallpaper can vary greatly in different lights so make sure you look at it at different points during the day. Wallpaper can help tie the scheme together and create a visual focus to the room, taking your eye away from the mechanical gadgetry on display.

The busy environment of the home kitchen also allows for the choice of wallpapers to be more bold, energetic and fun than in other areas of the home. Here the colours on the walls have been cleverly picked up by the soft furnishings and accessories for a harmonious appearance. Wallpaper can prevent a kitchen from feeling hard and clinical.

Use it to either subtly complement your new room scheme or to take on a more central design role, drawing the eye and adding impact with a bold colour or design. This wallpaper will leave people in no doubt to your style credentials. Pure white fittings keep the focus clearly on the print, while creating a modern scheme that is very much suited to a design such as this. Choosing wallpaper in a wet or cooking area should be avoided unless well protected behind glass or acrylic.

Some wallpapers are wipeable, making them suitable for dining areas and living spaces, even in family homes. Very fashionable at the moment, exposed bricks are great for adding an industrial edge to your space and this is the easy way to get the look.

Wallpaper can be used to striking effect in other ways. If you fall in love with a wallpaper design, you can use it as a splashback provided it is covered with a glass, acrylic or specially lacquered coating.

And lining the back of bookshelves or a cupboard gives an enticing glimpse of colour and pattern — you can be quite bold here without the danger of it becoming overpowering. Here wallpaper has been used to frame an alcove for an eye-catching effect.

If you love murals, take it to the kitchen to provide an interesting display as you sip your coffee. To provide a harmonious canvas, choose neutral tonal colours for your decorating scheme and mix with a number of different textures and finishes, for an overall rustic and casual look.

After more kitchen advice? READ: Kitchen flooring — everything you need to know. Kitchen wallpaper is also very helpful in creating different zones and moods in an open-plan room. Feature walls are still a popular option for a multifunctional space, such as in an open-plan kitchen where it can be used to define zones.

Wallpaper helps tie the scheme together and create a visual focus to the room, taking your eye away from the mechanical gadgetry on display. The busy environment of the home kitchen also allows for the choice of kitchen wallpapers to be more bold, energetic and fun than in other areas of the home.

Kitchens present a challenging environment; hot, steamy with grease hanging in the air. Good extraction is a vital ingredient in any kitchen, perhaps even more so in a living and entertaining environment.Botanical designs, a metallic twist on geometric patterns, and applying wallpaper in the bathroom are among the biggest wallpaper trends for With wellness in the home being a continuing trend, our love for botanical designs will feed into this, bringing the outside in and creating a sense of calm.

It's not surprising that green wallpaper designs will be the colour of choice, although slightly punchier than the muted shades, and this will be further complemented by earthy tones.

And, how and where we apply wallpaper will be more adventurous than ever forwith the fifth wall, aka the ceiling, and the bathroom, highlighted as key areas to decorate with wallpaper. Classic floral designs will continue to be a popular choice, but we will also see these revamped and more daring through bold tropical prints. A re-emerging trend for a few years now, Paula says applying wallpaper to the ceiling will grow, as will applying wallpaper to the bathroom.

We are also using wallpaper in a similar vein to how we would use paint, and not being held back by room limitations and what is regarded as "the norm".

As for wallpaper colours, lively green colourways and earth tones are the biggest trends for This nifty product saves up to 30 per cent of the time traditionally required to hang wallpaper, requires no pasting table and simply peels off when you fancy a change or are moving out.

And according to research conducted by window and door manufacturer, Originonline searches for agate wallpaper is on the rise 26 per cent. Agate wallpaper mimics the marbled effect of agate gemstones, suggesting homeowners are moving away from block colours and towards bolder, more unusual prints.

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statement kitchen wallpaper uk

Store your kitchen utensils in this beautiful marble jar. Haven't got time to water your plants? No problem! We recommend keeping this one on your kitchen windowsill. Featuring six levels of browning control, you can serve up your toast just as you want.

Get sustainable in the kitchen this month by switching throw-away cleaning cloths for reusable ones. We love this colourful set of four from Anthropologie. They might be pricey, but they'll last for years to come. Tea, anyone? Type keyword s to search.

Today's Top Stories. Will a third lockdown affect home renovations? The best SAD lamps to buy in House Beautiful kitchens at Homebase. How to make your home a haven of wellbeing in Celeste: Accessorize.

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Grandeco diy. Agate Wallpaper, Teal. Kitchen accessories: 7 must-have items to buy for your kitchen Monochrome Spattered Jug. Utensil Holder.Wallpaper might not be the first wall treatment you think of when it comes to renovating a kitchen as people often, unfortunately, associate them with vintage styles of the past.

Today, tiles and backsplashes are most likely your go-to wall coverings for a kitchen, but modern wallpaper is definitely an option worth considering. Fresh k itchen wallpaper ideas will add an extra element of design to your kitchen renovation, giving your kitchen a softer and more intimate feel. Wallpaper will also add an interesting design element to your kitchen that will make it unique to you. Wipe-clean kitchen wallpaper ideas are perfect for kitchens or any space where you are at risk of making a mess and washing up splashes.

Specialized wallpaper coated in Teflon allows you to clean your wallpaper with ease, so you can combat any greasy spills — perfect for as a much more affordable alternative to a costly kitchen backsplash.

Removable wallpaper kitchen ideas allow you to be more creative with wallpaper in your kitchen space. If you are frequently wanting to redecorate your home and change the styling of rooms, then removable wallpaper is an excellent approach.

You can easily peel off the wallpaper and replace it without doing damage to your walls. Better yet, they are often waterproof and washable, making them an even better option for your kitchen. You can tile your kitchen backsplash area as usual but add some color and style at the other end of your kitchen with a stunning wallpaper pattern.

Standard wallpaper is also a great addition to a kitchen dining area, helping the space feel of its own. Best of all is the fact that it pairs well with every design style, from the traditional to the eclectic and is well worth the investment as all potential home buyers will find it irresistible when looking to resell your home.

After all, imagine if it was whipped up in orange and green? It would simply look dated and too busy. Instead, go for a calm and soothing neutral diamond print to make a subtle statement that will remain fresh in feel as trends come and go.

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Plus, neutral colors, in general, can make a space appear larger and brighter than it really is. When it comes to unique k itchen wallpaper ideas, an abstract take on a classic print will make your kitchen look well-judged and modern. Case in point is the vivid polka-dot print as seen above, as it looks as though each dot was hand-painted, which marks the essence of luxury.

Go for a similar effect and paper every wall in your kitchen with a lively printed wallpaper to really make a dynamic statement that will have everyone talking. Another classic wallpaper pattern, fruit once again look fresh, however, this time around less dainty and much more large in scale for the unexpected.

Perfect for an accent wall or your entire kitchen alike, a large-scale fruit print kitchen wallpaper will be sure to delight for years to come.

And it will be perfect for lifting spirits during darker, winter seasons while catching extra light come summer. The key here is to use it as a juxtaposition for white cabinetry and lighter color schemes for needed depth and a definitive focal point. Another take on classic florals, a blue background evokes the essence of everyday glamor with a sweeter feel than say a black background boasts. Yet another classic take on k itchen wallpaper ideas, faux wood grain is a great way to add room-defining visual interest in any room.

Plus, it will never look outdated or overbearing since its such an emotionless color. Bring in an eclectic and far-flung feel with a graphic and symmetrical Moroccan-inspired kitchen wallpaper that will also never go out of style or appear heavy-handed as it will remain endlessly charming year in, year out.

10 fabulous feature wall ideas

Bring your k itchen wallpaper ideas to life with a decadent illustrative print that boasts unexpected elements like the endlessly playful oversized patterns as seen above. Plus, its joyous essence makes it a great option for young families.

Toile kitchen wallpaper ideas will lend a touch of femininity in your kitchen, softening the overall look of what can otherwise be an industrial feeling space.

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Choose a color scheme that contrasts against your kitchen units or go for kitchen wallpaper ideas that are in keeping with the current color scheme of your kitchen. Think a neutral wallpaper against a cream and wood kitchen, or a yellow wallpaper against a white kitchen, for example. Where better for botanical wallpaper than in the kitchen?

statement kitchen wallpaper uk

A vibrant wallpaper with bright oversized greens and multi-color botanical blooms will energize a white kitchen and a botanical wallpaper with a dark background will give you a wonderful contrast. A natural feel when it comes to kitchen wallpaper ideas makes for a bold and irreverent idea for your next kitchen update.When it comes to a kitchen design, graphic wallpaper might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Browse this collection of gorgeous cooking areas that feature statement wallpaper and get inspired to go bold in your own design.

A pool house kitchen designed by Sarah Wittenbraker features toile wallpaper, glossy blue cabinetry, and cement tile. A leaf patterned wallpaper adds interest to a charming kitchen design by Young Huh Interiors.

In a New York City townhouse designed by Eve Robinson Associatespurple patterned wallpaper adds a pop of color to a white kitchen design.

The antique birthing chair is from New Orleans and the custom kitchen island has a Carrara marble top. In Andy Cohen's Greenwich duplexthe kitchen is teeming with character, from a charming flea-market stool to the "Field of Daydreams" wallpaper by Flavor Paper.

This kitchen embodies California cool with its nature print wallpaper by Pierre Frey, table and chairs by Howe, and bench from Past Perfect.

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Hanging the pots high on the wall saves major cupboard space. The royal blue banquette, which is custom made, makes the room pop.

At the upstate New York country house he shares with his partner, Tony Longoria, designer Todd Oldham applied 20 coats of glaze to the wall behind the kitchen sinkthen decorated it with cutouts of Japanese silk-screened papers. Catch a glimpse of the dramatic black-and-white floral wallpaper lining the entrance of this kitchen in Nashville. The range is by Dacor and the cabinetry and range hood are custom designs.

Playful framed scketches, a vibrant Clarence House wallpaper, and a collection of toy robots enliven the breakfast area of Estee Lauder executive John Demsey's Manhattan towhouse, which was decorated by Bibi Monnaham.

Celebrity Style. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Presented by. Peter Margonelli. Mia Baxter Smail. Toile Kitchen Wallpaper. Young Huh Interiors. Botanical Kitchen Wallpaper. Graphic Purple Kitchen Wallpaper. Eric Piasecki.

Black And White Kitchen Wallpaper.Cream Anti Bacterial Tiled Wallpaper The Sparkle Wallpaper design features a sophisticated and stylish small scale tile effect with glitter embellishments which have been used to accentuate the grout line.

30+ Patterned Wallpapers to Transform a Room

We would always recommend ordering a sample for a true colour match. Repeat: Repeat: 23cm Straight Match Size: 9m L x Repeat: 6cm Straight Match Size: 9m L x Repeat: 81cm Straight Match Size: 9m L x Repeat: 20cm Straight Match Size: 9m L x Refine Results Price. Main Colour. Kitchen Wallpaper If you are looking for kitchen wallpaper that will transform the look of your kitchen quickly and inexpensively our fantastic selection of kitchen wallpaper ideas will cook up a storm!

Many of our wallpapers are washable, which means that the paper surface is splash proof and, therefore, will repel a sufficient amount of water making it suita If you are looking for kitchen wallpaper that will transform the look of your kitchen quickly and inexpensively our fantastic selection of kitchen wallpaper ideas will cook up a storm! Many of our wallpapers are washable, which means that the paper surface is splash proof and, therefore, will repel a sufficient amount of water making it suitable for rooms such as kitchen, where moisture is to be expected.

The wallpapers in the Contour Anti-bacterial range offer ongoing protection from harmful bacteria and are ideal for use in kitchens or other areas where moisture will be present. The reason we say these wallpapers are suitable for a kitchen is due to their moisture resistant quality.

Aside from the splash proof and washable nature of these wallpapers the designs are the latest in kitchen wallpaper trends. So if you are looking for stunning kitchen wallpaper ideas and designs you are just a click away! Show 42 84 per page. Compare 0 Show all. Add to cart More. Add to Wishlist. Add to Compare. Sparkle Cream Wallpaper Cream Anti Bacterial Tiled Wallpaper The Sparkle Wallpaper design features a sophisticated and stylish small scale tile effect with glitter embellishments which have been used to accentuate the grout line.


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