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Nutanix acquisition rumors 2019

All rights reserved. Charles St, Baltimore, MD Corporations remain flush with cash, borrowing rates are low, and the U. As a result, investors are looking for takeover targets: stocks to buy on hopes that they will be acquired, usually at a large premium to the trading price. That said, relying solely on takeover hopes is a risky strategy. It only takes one acquirer to lead to big gains, but even finding just one can be difficult.

These ten stocks look like attractive takeover targets. But they also have reasonably strong underlying bull cases. Are rivals going to buy the company for its market share, or try to take that share for themselves?

But Dropbox has carved out an impressive niche, with a user base over million. A recent downturn in oil prices has brought FANG back to Earth, but also made its valuation more reasonable. Dana Blankenhorn detailed the standalone case for the stock back in February at modestly higher prices. Diamondback is a valuable play on U. Valuations were cheap, though they got cheaper as went on before a rally in And it looks like William Lyon might be open to a deal.

WLH shares have given back some of the gains in recent trading. So did disappointing earnings and the loss of Amazon as a customer. But XPO is reacting. Instead, XPO is buying back its own stock at the new, lower prices. At those prices, XPO could become a takeover target. At these levels, Home Depot or another strategic acquirer could be more incentivized to step in. Elliott Management, who has a history of agitating for sales, took a stake in latewhich only added to the speculation.

Analyst: Why Google Could Buy Nutanix

It has traded pretty much sideways for three years now. Yet that weak trading has come even as earnings have grown, leaving ALXN reasonably cheap.

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The stock trades at under 11x EPS estimates. Meanwhile, a recent pullback leaves the stock well below analyst estimates. A takeover may finally come, particularly with Ultomiris on the market. This remains one of the best operators in the entire restaurant industry. Such a deal would be a huge one for Restaurant Brands, admittedly and maybe too big to swallow pardon the pun. Rather, investors are worried about the boating industry and the macroeconomic cycle. Boating demand may be under secular pressure, as younger consumers choose non-motorized alternatives like kayaks and stand-up paddleboards.

Meanwhile, investors continue to fear that a recession is on the way, which has historically undercut boat sales. Both multiples seem too cheap, as I argued back in March. A rally soon after has fizzled, with both stocks near year-to-date lows.

Industry leader Brunswick NYSE: BC has sold its fitness business and built out its parts and accessories offering, but could look to add high-end market exposure through either company.This September, we completed two years as a public company and nine years since we were founded in Our market thesis — of what cloud computing would look like between private owned and public rented models — is now the dominant thinking within the enterprise.

The new era of hyper-convergence is upon us. Blurring the lines between owned and rented models is the most difficult computer science problem of this decade. Not many companies are ready to exploit the opportunity, their megaphones notwithstanding.

The core of HCI is software-defined infrastructure, in that all datacenter devices need to move to pure software running on commodity x86 servers. Standardized hardware, a common operating system, consumer-grade design, and deep automation are the distinct virtues that make a true cloud, public or private. An open source movement around commoditizing private cloud — displacing large incumbents in virtualization computestorage, networking, and management — has largely fizzled out in the last decade, because it lacked integrity of execution.

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Our company mission, since the beginning of time, has been to make infrastructure invisible. Naysayers scoffed at us when we were trying to make storage invisible. Most everyone believed that we had a niche market for the SMB, only to realize that the large enterprise had suddenly woken up to this simple yet powerful idea of software-defined infrastructure for almost everything. Converged infrastructure CI — a coalition solution of large compute-storage-networking incumbents, masqueraded as private cloud — is now considered a much smaller market than HCI.

In fact, it would not be rhetoric to say that CI is dead as a segment. Inwhen we set out to build our own hypervisor AHVpundits gave us no chance in a saturated market of compute virtualization dominated by one or two large companies.

Industry watchers gave us no chance to shift from an appliance business model to a pure software business model as a public company. We committed to eradicating most of the zero-profit hardware from our books, and we ended the year ahead of the schedule we committed to Wall Street. Customers love Nutanix because it is an underdog that has strong character.

There is a reason why our repeat business with existing customers is stronger than ever, as is our sales productivity. All we have to do is to go after new geographies, support more workloads, and certify new server platforms to get our existing HCI customers even more productive. And yet, we are a good company, not a great company. Our path to greatness will depend on defining a sustainable growth, b frictionless delivery, and c leverage of core products to build new products.

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Inwhen VMware almost tried to shut us up, we decided to take control of our own destiny by building our own virtualization software. That one decision opened new doors for us into adjacent areas of software-defined networking and security. Public markets are rightfully paranoid about the future of small-to-mid cap companies that compete with large incumbents.

Through this letter, I want to assure our shareholders that the cloud is in its very early journey, just like the vertically integrated PC industry was in the late 80s. The technology industry has inevitably shattered big things into smaller things that also have shorter lifespans. The public cloud players are building the new Mainframe, i. Xi, like Android and Windows, will be asset-lite, about software, and built with suppliers of smaller data centers. In this decade, we are betting very differently on the architecture of cloud than the hyper-scalers.

This suits us well because of our private cloud lineage and software distribution. We simply happen to have a unique trait of bringing it all together with design. These forward-looking statements are not historical facts and instead are based on our current expectations, estimates, opinions, and beliefs. Consequently, you should not rely on these forward-looking statements.

The accuracy of such forward-looking statements depends upon future events and involves risks, uncertainties, and other factors beyond our control that may cause these statements to be inaccurate and cause our actual results, performance or achievements to differ materially and adversely from those anticipated or implied by such statements, including, among others, the risks detailed in our annual report on Form K for the year ended July 31,filed with the SEC.

These forward-looking statements speak only as of the date of this document and, except as required by law, we assume no obligation to update forwardlooking statements to reflect actual results or subsequent events or circumstances.

All rights reserved. Nutanix, the Nutanix logo and any Nutanix products, features and services mentioned herein are registered trademarks or trademarks of Nutanix, Inc. All other brand names mentioned herein are for identification purposes only and may be the trademarks of their respective holder s. See what happens when you simplify data center operations, reduce your footprint, avoid costs tied to provisioning storage—all while improving service delivery.

FPO We noticed you may be visiting a version of our website that doesn't match your current location.Nutanix is considered a pioneer in the hyper converged infrastructure HCI market, which is projected to grow rapidly in the long term.

Therefore, buying Nutanix is expected to be profitable for each of the aforementioned speculated potential buyers. Later that year, Cisco acquired hyperconvergence software provider, Springpath, boosting its competitive position in the HCI market.

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Markedly, per Statista, as of the first quarter ofNutanix continues to hold the second position in the HCI market with a Hewlett Packard Enterprise has also ample financial liquidity, which it can use for the acquisition. Meanwhile, Nutanix has reported losses since its inception. Moreover, its increased level of investments is expected to hurt profitability at least in the near term. Nutanix currently has a Zacks Rank 3 Hold.

Biggest Tech Breakthrough in a Generation Be among the early investors in the new type of device that experts say could impact society as much as the discovery of electricity.

nutanix acquisition rumors 2019

Current technology will soon be outdated and replaced by these new devices. A select few stocks could skyrocket the most as rollout accelerates for this new tech. Early investors could see gains similar to buying Microsoft in the s.

The report is only available for a limited time. Want the latest recommendations from Zacks Investment Research? Today, you can download 7 Best Stocks for the Next 30 Days. Zacks Investment Research. Now, perhaps Joe Biden will. In September, the analysts made their biggest adjustment yet, valuing loans at just 82 cents on every dollar owed, down from cents inrecords show. Such losses were, theoretically, already reflected anyway. Loans or RentShortly after his inauguration as U.

About 24 million borrowers have stopped payments, department data show. Income-based repayment plans promise the possibility of loan forgiveness after two decades of steady payment, or one decade for public-service workers. Enrollment has tripled since The anticipated cost of income-based plans has risen, too. Rising OddsAcross-the-board loan cancellations make little sense, but the government has all the information it needs to target forgiveness, said Adam Looney, a finance professor at the University of Utah whose research on student loans dates to his time as a tax official at the U.

Treasury Department.Nutanix chief executive Dheeraj Pandey nixed widely and loudly reported speculation that Cisco CSCO soon will make a serious play to acquire the six-year old, red hot San Jose, CA-based data center startup. Chatter reached a crescendo last Friday when Jared Rinderer, an Equity Capital Research senior research analyst, suggested in a blog post at StorageNewsletter.

He suggested the deal, which Cisco might finance largely with debt owing to its short U. There is no truth to those rumors. With the ever-increasing attention on convergence and cloud, we will continue to see press and analysts put forward their guesses on mergers and acquisitions in this space.

That is my word to Michael Dell and a part of our agreement. Log in with your Channel Futures account. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

nutanix acquisition rumors 2019

MSPs can inject predictability into threathunting Sophos cybersecurity ransomware dlvr. RiskBased report shows decrease in databreachesjump in exposed records in Mergers and Acquisitions. Written by DH Kass 1 May 18, Nutanix chief executive Dheeraj Pandey nixed speculation that Cisco will soon acquire the data center startup. Level Effect will continue to operate as its own independent business. Hornetsecurity is the leading email security provider in Europe.

The "new" name is resurfacing from the high-profile acquisition of N-able, maker of the N-central software platform. Leave a comment Cancel reply -or- Log in with your Channel Futures account Alternatively, post a comment by completing the form below:.

View all. Industry Perspectives. Hacker Personas Explained January 26, White Papers. Why Subscription Business Model. Upcoming Events. Channel Partners Virtual March 2, - March 4, Videos and Fastchats.All rights reserved. Charles St, Baltimore, MD What will the software market look like by the end of ?

A 35 Min Nutanix 101 lesson to understand company History and Vision. (Recorded Feb 2020)

RBC Capital has delved into its crystal ball to find out. The firm has just released a report highlighting five potentially transformational software deals that could take place this year. Could we now be building towards something even bigger? Bear this in mind, the sheer amount of dry powder read:money available is truly astounding.

That figure could go even higher if we add sovereign funds to the equation. Would such a proposition appeal to tech heavyweight Alphabet?

Its Google Cloud Platform GCP is the third-largest public-cloud vendor by revenue and has remained primarily cloud-native with smaller deals. By acquiring Nutanix, GCP would gain an enterprise software sales force and be able to leverage trends in hybrid-compute through the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform. But is Nutanix even up for sale? The short answer is that yes — at the right price it could indeed be a willing seller, according to RBC Capital.

Want to learn more about Nutanix? In essence, Splunk turns machine data into answers. It captures and uses real-time data to generate graphs, reports, alerts and dashboards. Given the importance of data and data analytics, a Cisco-Splunk tie-up would create a premier data management platform.

So is Splunk a willing seller? Canada-based SHOP is an e-commerce platform. It allows anyone to easily sell online, at a retail location, and everywhere in between. Plus although Google monetizes eCommerce through advertising, monetization could be much higher owning an eCommerce platform. Moreover it would also carry network effects like merchant-ad placement advantages. Overall, SHOP has received only buy ratings from analysts in the last three months.

In particular, D.

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Google Cloud Platform could make sense as a buyer because it would gain an enterprise sales force and it would have an anchor cloud-application platform that would differentiate it from larger public-cloud rivals AWS and Microsoft Azure. At the same time Microsoft could use NOW to get more into service, which could be a nice complement to existing cloud applications such as Dynamics and to provide another cloud-application development platform to build out a broader and differentiated cloud application suite.

Of course, the price needs to be right.Love it that I can intergrate Aftership inside my website. Customer get to track their items directly from m. Easy to use, good interface, accurate info. Keeps all my tracking numbers in a single place, it's so easy to. This is such a great app. My customers know where their order is in the transit process.

Would never stop using this app. It enables my customers to track their shipments from my store and, thus, reduces the number of customer. AfterShip has been excellent so far.

nutanix acquisition rumors 2019

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10 Stocks to Buy That Could Be Takeover Targets

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nutanix acquisition rumors 2019

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5 Potentially Disruptive Software Stock Buyouts for 2019

Have boosted the overall experience of shopping at my website. Customers appreciate knowing where the product they've sp. AfterShip is a great app. It was easy to set up and get going. AfterShip makes it easy to customize messages to my custo.I currently have the 3.

They are coming out with a brushless framing nailer and a new rotary hammer that several sources described as being brushless. Milwaukee is currently the brushless power tool leader, and offers a range of M12 and M18 Fuel drills and drivers. New brushless saws, a grinder, and heavy duty impacts are coming soon. Other brands are pushing the brushless envelope further, such as Makita with their automatic down-shifting impact driver. Expect to see new brushless drills and drivers from other brands this Fall.

With their premium cordless drill and hammer drill, the emphasis seems to be more on power and the 3-speed gearbox. Current 20V Max premium drill users who want more runtime are probably more likely to upgrade to a higher capacity battery than to upgrade their still-relatively-new tools.

I would even bet that prototypes have been developed and are currently being tested. Although, they probably already are losing market share to Milwaukee. A while back I posted about how Dewalt and other brands were slinging mud against each other through YouTube videos.

They have to be. Brushless is too big of an influential marketing keyword for brands to ignore. Milwaukee pushed the boundary, and Dewalt and other brands will have to respond accordingly. Otherwise their brushed-motor cordless tools will look stale and outdated to users accustomed to be seeing heavy marketing that lauds the benefit of brushless motors.

For instance, Dewalt has been advertising their compact brushless drills as EXTREME RUNTIME!. I have discussed this before, but there will always be better tools on the horizon. They could be improved in regard to size, weight and runtime, which are all aspects where a brushless motor upgrade might be able to help. There could be challenges in improving runtime, as well as reducing tool size and weight, without diminishing peak power output. Cost is another potential issue. My only qualm is battery life, and the 4.


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