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Nerf stryfe motor not working

It requires four "AA" batteries to be operated. It comes packaged with a six dart clipsix Elite Dartsand instructions. The Stryfe is a small, semi-automatic, clip system -compatible flywheel blaster. It features a small acceleration trigger which allows for the blaster to be powered up for firing.

It also has two tactical rails : a small one below the muzzle and a longer one at the top rear of the blaster. There are barrel extension and shoulder stock attachment points as well.

The clip release button is located in front of the firing triggerbelow the trigger guard. The muzzle has a counter-clockwise rifled texture, similar to the Retaliator 's barrel extension. Opening the top jam door slows the flywheel faster than normal; this appears to be a safety mechanism and works even if power is lost before the flywheel stops spinning.

This 6-dart dynamo lets you launch Elite Darts up to 75 feet one-handed. There was an older version of the Stryfe that was available for the first few months of the Stryfe's release that had boosted motors.

It is unknown as to why the motors were downgraded.

Beginner's Stryfe Modification

After releasing the N-Strike Elite Stryfe, Hasbro updated and re-released it with a better dart sensor lock that is wider. This eliminated problems customers were having with older clips and darts not working properly with the blaster.

nerf stryfe motor not working

Inan Elite XD variant of the Stryfe was released. Later versions of the XD Stryfe do away with the dart sensor completely, a trend that would follow suit with newer releases. Inthe Stryfe was re-released under the N-Strike Modulus series. Both variants include a few additional accessories, such as a banana clipa Folding Gripa Proximity Barreland a shoulder stock.

The Stryfe is one of the most popular candidates for modification. The blaster is often modded with enhanced voltageflywheels, 3D printed parts, cosmetic shell kits and even full-auto conversions. It is sometimes integrated with other blasters such as the Rayven. Removing locks can allow the user to pull the trigger freely and rev the blaster freely, and will mildly decrease jamming.Whether you have been shooting all day, or pick up your gun for the first time in months, and notice that your motor is not running not even at a low speedchances are that your batteries' lives are over.

Replacing the used batteries with new batteries should give your motor a fresh kick. The batteries need to be securely placed in the holder. Check to see if the metallic sections of the positive and negative terminals are making connections to those of the battery holders. If this is still not working, you may need to get a fresh set of batteries. Check to see if all the batteries in your holder line up with the positive and negative terminals labeled in the holder. Flat negative ends of the battery should be in contact with the working springs in the holder, and the raised ends of the battery positive should touch the coils snugly.

If you can see or feel any damage on the motor, replacement of the motor is an option. Look inside the cartridges of the gun and identify the dart about to be retrieved for firing. If the spring inside is damaged in any sort of way, replace the spring. If the dart looks imperfect or damaged, replace it with a working-condition dart. Check the cartridge. The cartridge should be loaded with the open-end slid in first. The orange tips of the darts should face the surrounding blue shell of the gun.

Let's try that again Why isn't anything happening? Check to see whether you have any ammunition left in your cartridges. If not, load each cartridge with a number of darts to your heart's desire. Pull the trigger when you want to fire. When the gun does not fire, you may have not pulled the trigger far back enough.

When you want to shoot again, pull back, this time with a greater force. If that does not work, you may need to replace your trigger. Many factors can contribute to a non-functioning motor. Battery problems, bad electrical connections and physical damage can all harbor in.

Each individual fix can be catered to separately, or you can replace the motor completely. If you are pulling the lever and the cartridges of the gun are not rotating, there may be a jam in the junction of the lever and the parts that dictate the rotating mechanism. Making sure you do not press the trigger, carefully peek through the barrel and look around for obstructions.

If you are able to identify an obstruction, remove the shell of the gun to reveal the barrel and remove the obstruction. I had the same issue and realized that the channel selector on the remote is in order but the channel selector on the tank is in reverse order You may just have the channels backwards.

nerf stryfe motor not working

Fix Your Stuff. Edit Options History.I just bought a nerf rapidstrike, but I have one problem. Sometimes it doesn't want to fire. The little white arm on the backside of the area just underneath the jam door will sometimes get stuck.

I will also rev up, but not fire. The only way I have been able to get it to fire is by opening the jam door and pushing the orange tip past the white rubber part. Any suggestions?

Nerf gun motors, problems and solutions

That makes sense. I've noticed some darts, like the black ACCurates, don't work nicely in the Stryfe. They don't get pushed far enough into the flywheel cage to catch the domed head properly.

Yeah, but with a shorter trigger pull, unless there was some dead space between the darts and the pusher, wouldn't there have to be a longer trigger pull to actually push the dart? That my friend is an excellent question.

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I was wondering the same thing. As soon as I get the Stryfe apart, I'll take a pic of the two pushers side-by-side. Maybe it'll be obvious once we can compare the two. This morning I found a few minutes to install that Worker dart pusher in the Stryfe. It turns out it is a millimeter or two longer than the stock pusher. And beefier. The end that makes contact with the dart is also slightly larger.

Seems to work great with everything except the Accurate darts. Ah, I guess there was some dead space between the darts. Anyways it isn't much longer, but best to be on the bigger side. It does work nice and smooth though. I don't know. Nerf Wiki. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Still haven't had time to install it. Worker Dart Pusher. Tyrannotitan studios wrote: the extended rod is just longer. Neft vs. Worker Side by side Worker dart pusher.

Elliottw wrote: This morning I found a few minutes to install that Worker dart pusher in the Stryfe. I've been having the same problem with mine too, although it's out underneath the jam door. Hi, can you please start a new thread for this?Jump to content. You currently have javascript disabled.

Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted 24 August - PM. Posted 26 August - PM. Brushless motors spin a lot faster so mor stress would be put on the gears. Also they take a lot less voltage to go fast so you can save some money on batteries.

Hope this helps! Posted 18 October - AM. Posted 18 October - PM.

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Is it this one? Posted 20 October - AM. While brushless motors either have a different end-cap which is thinner because of the absence of brushes such as the one aboveor, the shell of the motor, which has a permanent magnet ring inside, rotates around the stator coil.

The second type is typically used in hobby helicopters and other hobby flying devices. Note: I'm not sure if it's called a stator coil in brushless motors, please correct me if I'm wrong.

Community Forum Software by IP. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Nerf gun motors, problems and solutions Title says it all. Started by Super0dpAug 24 PM. Please log in to reply Image Archive. I was messing with the motor and took it apart and found it was brushed. That means that there are carbon-metal brushes that contact the armature.

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If you have done a voltage mod this happens a lot faster. Brushed motors generate a lot of heat so be careful. My suggestion is to find a similarly sized motor that is brushless, and replace you existing motor.

Edited by Super0dp, 18 October - AM. Posted 24 August - PM Would be cool if you actually had some info about what replacement motor would be suitable, because AFAIK most of the aftermarket motors people have found are too big and require reaming out the plastic inside to get it to fit.

Posted 26 August - PM Brushless motors spin a lot faster so mor stress would be put on the gears. For those of you who don't exactly know what a brushed motor is, it is simply your basic motor that comes in small hand held fans, cheap toy cars, etc.

Stryfe (N-Strike Elite)

So, what's the big difference? If you want to know why, Wikipedia is out there for you. However, in order to even use a brushless motor and reap its benefits, you need an electronic speed control. You can't just replace a brushed motor with a brushless motor and expect it to work like a charm.There are all sorts of enhancements: paints, re-shells, and performance upgrades ranging from basic fixes to full overhauls of the internal components.

The N-Strike Elite Stryfe is an excellent blaster for modification thanks to its combination of simple mechanical components and solid design. Even out of the box, these blasters are mainstays for a large number of Nerf enthusiasts.

That being said, there are a few very basic enhancements that can be made using only a small screwdriver that will allow you to fire much faster than normal. Unscrew the main screws holding the two halves of the Stryfe shell together. Screws 4 and 5 are shorter than the rest and will be placed back in the same holes they came from later.

Note that the screws do not necessarily have to come completely out of the shell. They only need to be fully unscrewed. There are fourteen screws as indicated in the image.

Other screws are unnecessary to remove at this time. The easiest way to start this is to place your thumbs in the opening at the bottom where the clip would go and pry the shell apart there. You will have to go around to different points on the shell to make sure the halves separate cleanly. Make sure the spring attached to it does not fall into the blaster as it can get stuck in other moving parts. Gently lift the Pusher Mechanism out of the blaster, making sure that the spring at the back comes out with it and remains attached to the Pusher Mechanism.

These are part of the motor system and the blaster will not work without them. Place the Pusher Mechanism back into the housing and screw the retention screw back into the hole it came from. Pay close attention to the picture. Make sure the spring and the piece that aligns with the Trigger are in the right places or the blaster will not work.

These are all the pieces you will have removed during this modification. The white pieces are optional to have removed.

nerf stryfe motor not working

If there are any pieces missing from this besides the white ones or if there are any extra pieces except for the fourteen screws from Step 1GO BACK. Try to figure out what went wrong.

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Make sure the jam door is in place. Line up the halves of the shell and press them together until they pop into place. You may hear small clicking or snapping noises -- this is just the pieces lining up. Once the shell is lined up, put the screws back in.

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nerf stryfe motor not working

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Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire Troubleshooting

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