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Fitz x reader tumblr

Originally posted by whatlighttasteslike. Tagged: silveroccamy. A sharp scream broke past your lips as your eyes snapped open, your body trembling as you nearly fell to the floor had it not been for the strong arms of Phil Coulson slowly lowering you to the floor.

As if on cue, your boyfriend and the love of your life woke up to your right. You slowly lifted your head to meet his terrified eyes, his hands shaking as he struggled to find a hold on Coulson. Your heart ached as a sob broke past his lips and his body curled in on itself. It felt natural. Why-Why would I shoot the woman I love?!

Was-Was that me? Did I do it? The former Director turned Leopold in your direction and lightly squeezed his shoulders as he took a step backwards.

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When I went into the Framework. My priority was to bring you back with me, but it was only to my horror that AIDA had completely changed you as a person to satisfy herself. She wants to feel what I feel for you. I know you were not new That loved like me and you All the same I miss you.

Thor x Reader-- ((NSFW)) The Cravings

Your heart nearly stopped as you stood to your feet and threw your arms around his neck, hot tears running down your fallen-in cheekbones as Fitz gripped you almost as if his life depended on it. I will protect you. The laughter that broke past both of you was enough to make Coulson and May break into a grin so wide it took up the majority of their faces. AIDA stood in front of you in a threadbare robe, her dark hair fallen in waves around her sharp features.

Your blood chilled in your bones as you slid your hands down his arms to link your fingers with his, hoping to keep him away from her. Trying to get into your head. Fitz kept his gaze firmly locked on AIDA as she breathed heavily before looking back up at the two of you. Realization passed over Coulsons face as he took a step closer to you, his fingers coming to ghost over the top of your shoulder.

AIDA bleeds just like us. You turned your head just enough to see May in your peripheral vision with her weapon fixed on AIDA, but both you and Fitz were blocking her line of fire. Just like a father to protect his daughter. You have to fight it!She was wondering where her marks had gone.

fitz x reader tumblr

The scars from where Leo had fallen over in the Academy, the ink stain from where he had been writing just hours before, the scratch from where he had dropped the knife at the diner. They were all gone. They were her only proof that he was alive and well. She had heard he horror stories of people seeing their partners marks disappear, knowing that they had died without them by their side: she had never thought that she would ever experience this, let alone at such a young age.

Everyone knew what a markless person was and what they had lost. Coulson pulled the girl into a hug, letting her cry it out whilst trying to calm her down. To prove that they had disappeared without a trace. All traces of her existence gone, all of the marks and scars and ink that identically laced their skin, vanished. But it had been six months and he was starting to release he was alone in the world. We are doomed.

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He also knew that Bobbi was going to kill him for this. Jemma Simmons stood watching Daisy, or how she was now know, The Destroyer of Worlds start to fight Agent May in a bid to sell her to the person who gave them the highest price. Leopold Fitz also stood there, wondering how the hell he would get out of this situatiom.

Well he was untill he fel a prick on his finger and a little mark apear. He hadnt touched anything that would cause this. Quickly, he pinched the back of his hand, drawing blood, hoping he would know the same about him. She saw the mark appear and felt like the weight of the world had been taken from her shoulders. Also, these got looooong. I got really carried away. Taglist: psychopathicqueenly dreaminq-out-loud thestrangestsummer completekeefitztrash stardustanddaffodils theanswerissnowbaz.

Also, jaxtheshade and sunset-telepath I feel like you two would enjoy this. Again, not enough Fitz is readily available. Please let me know if you have any requests. Lunching the tape dispenser across the lab, Fitz flinched as glass broke under the crushing weight of the dispenser. He was trying God damn it, why couldn't he just get it right?

Simmons looked over at the sound of the crash, concerned for her best friend, knowing how much pressure he was under. You are overly irritated, loosing you're ability to concentrate, and you've started to bite your nails again.Catching Elephant is a theme by Andy Taylor. Originally posted by julysecnd. Your victims fell one by one.

goodguyfitz x reader

First was Skye. The two of you had planted one of those timed pop ups on her computer so that after a couple hours of activity an extremely scarring photo of Coulson in a grass skirt and coconut bra flashed across the screen. It took her a week to be able to look at a screen again. Next was Coulson, it took the most work but was by far the most rewarding.

The prank involved obtaining a replica of Lola, spilling food and coffee on the seats, keying the sides, crashing it into a light pole, and finally spilling corrosive chemicals all over the body to screw up the paint job. The hardest part was keeping Coulson away from the real Lola while doing all of this, but after everything was done you let Coulson catch the two of you driving it around in the hanger.

You had never heard a scream that shrill and little girl like come out of a grown man. It went on like this for a couple weeks, taking down each team member one by one until it was finally time for the big finale.

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You and Fitz cautiously followed May as she headed for the gym. As soon as May opened the door to the gym and a huge bucket of pink paint tilted over and completely cover her. Just Imagine It. Subscribe RSS.Want to read more of my stuff?

Your heels click against the cold, concrete floors as you skip your way down the halls. A small smile moves your lips upwards. Gradually, you make your way through the various corridors of the S. But, while you turn a corner leading to the labs, you hear a voice. Confusion crosses your face. No one should be in the labs at this time. Most people are on missions, or on a lunch break.

You pause, and listen more intently. Now, you recognise it as a male voice, specifically a familiar male voice. Now, why was Fitz alone talking to himself? You were mostly sure that he too had gone on a mission with the others… No. You were definitely sure that he had gone with the others.

Gemma had mention something about it earlier. Coulson had offered to take you on the mission, but you declined: you needed a day off for once. Gently, using a flat palm of your right hand, you pushed the door open. It only just moved, allowing you to see a silver of the room. In the corner, you saw Fitz move around the room, pacing and talking to himself. Anger floods his face. His fists screw up and he yells out of frustration. You want to help him; you want to rush in and help him; you want to talk to him.

However, doubt suddenly pools in the back of your head. For a moment, you hesitate, wondering if you should just leave, but you know you need to help your friend.Meanwhile, downstairs Cameron sat staring at the tv; not paying attention, his mind running wild. He wrapped his arms around her waist and brought her closer to him, her chest pressed against his as he breathed heavily. Are you okay? Come help me! So, She reached over and left the discord and closed her game before turning Cam around and sitting in his lap; softly gripping his chin to make him look at her.

Originally posted by mouerx. This is a GoodGuyFitz x masculine reader! I had this idea for a while now and decided to write it myself! I hope you enjoy! His heart raised, he had to say something; anything about how he felt. So, they quickly rushed to him and grabbed his shoulder, turning him around and kissing him gently. The two jumped and pulled away from the kiss and looked in the direction of the voice; Mason stood there would a bowl of soup in his hands.

Bit of sad ending but ey. Cameron looked over at his phone as it dinged, he had gotten a match on a dumb dating app he signed up for out of boredom. Was the first notification then his phone dinged again, a small chime the app had to let you know someone had messaged you. He quickly went back to their profile and looked it over once more. About Me: Hey! And before you ask I am 6 ft 1 and the weather is nice up here. They pushed their car door open and stepped out into the chilly air of winter before making their way towards the front of the theater.

listen man i just really love the misfits

Cameron pulled into the theater parking lot and shut off his car, butterflies flew wild in his gut.OG Reques t: Hi! I really love your blog. Do you take requests? So I was wondering if you could do a Leo Fitz x Reader where the reader is sick and he takes care of her?

Please it would mean a lot to me. Stay amazing!!

Across Time | Leo Fitz | A.G.E.N.T.S of Shield

Anyway I just wanted to thank you for writing me this request, and that I had a lot of fun writing it. I hope you like it and that everyone reading it likes it.

My head was throbbing, pounding; my throat was achy and dry; everything about my body was slow and heavy. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

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I knew what this meant. I knew what my body was saying, but I went into denial. There was a mission with Daisy. There was a new Inhuman and with all the deaths, I knew we needed all able bodies to help these people.

It was cute. Hunter rolls his eyes and leans against the lab table. Fitz rolls his eyes. I gave him a smile and that was all he needed. He walked into the kitchen maneuvering about as I plopped down on a chair. I should be going on the mission. His hair curled perfectly on his head, the dark cardigan contrasting his fair skin. I chuckle and look away.

He was a good friend. He was my person. I blushed and bit my lip. I shake my head and let out a sigh. He shifts his weight from foot to foot as he bites his lip. I bit back a laugh as his cheeks turned rose and his words to much.

Thankfully only one mug was broken.

fitz x reader tumblr

I jump from my seat and get a new mug. The kettle goes off and Fitz jumps. I place a hand on his arm and he relaxes. Close enough to kiss or sneeze all over. Get some sleep. I run off and into my room. I collapse on the bed, my body thanking me for the relief that comes with relaxing.Maybes one where the reader is super shy and its when fitz isn't talking much and they are the only people each other will talk to?

Thanks and love your blog soo such! It's Monday where I am! Anyway, so can I request and Agents of Shield one where the reader and Fitz are super close friends when Simmons is gone after Ward puts them in the bottom of the ocean? The reader is super quiet and Fitz is super quiet except when they are around each other and the whole team sometimes hears them talking and are amazed because Fitz is speaking fluently and you are saying whole sentences?

Thank you!!

Weak Link (Leo Fitz x Reader)

Where the reader helps him with remembering words and just in general taking care of him. I pulled apart the chocolate muffin in front of me and popped a piece in my mouth. As I chewed, I scrolled through different pages of information Coulson wanted me to go over. There was something I needed to find for him and as I did, I sat with the other agents in the living room. Mack and Hunter were playing one of their video games, and Skye was on her computer.

I shot him a look and he went silent before going back to his game. I stood up and left the room with the remainder of my muffin and my laptop. Fitz had Or whatever was left of it. There were days where he spoke in broken sentences. It was obvious that he was struggling to find the words. Everyone said that it was a long process for his recovery, but that was okay.

fitz x reader tumblr

I knocked on the door of the lab before the entering. Fitz was holding a metal pipe and looked up at me. I watched as he carefully lay the metal pipe on the counter before pulling a chair over to the laptop.

He sat down and began scrolling through the pages of tech that I had managed to find. Fitz pulled the cap of the pen off with teeth and began scribbling notes on the paper. As he did, he glanced every now and then at my laptop screen.

Turns out Fitz just needed someone to treat him normally. And that meant giving him notes on a computer. I watched him. So what is this generator for? I held it out to Fitz who broke a piece off and ate it. I nodded. Fitz laughed and carried on working. As he did, he carried on talking to me about the inventions. He stopped and turned to me every now and then and explained everything that was writing. Each time he did, there was a grin on his face. I raised my eyebrows and walked over to him.

And my brain seems to work. I held my hand out and Fitz took it. We left the lab and headed to the little kitchen in the bunker.


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