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Competitive fps games 2020

Serious Sam is about to get a fourth main installment to the franchise. The game was announced back in but the developers are still working on the title to see the game release fully into the market. Just like the past installments, this will be an arcade-action FPS kind of game though not too many details have emerged out from developers Croteam at the moment.

With that said, they are attempting to make a quite ambitious game and have been working on getting a hundred thousand enemies on screen for players to fight against. Superhot was a unique FPS when it launched.

competitive fps games 2020

What started as a small prototype build blew up in popularity online, allowing the team to go ahead and craft up a full game. When players move the time begins to speed up, ultimately allowing you to beat up your opponents in a carefully strategic manner.

The popularity also sparked the development team to go ahead and deliver a DLC that was intended to be available in This seems to be a more refined version of Superhot but with it comes larger levels, new mechanics, additional powers, and characters to either take control of or fight against.

This installment is set before the events of Half-Life 2 where players take on the role of Alyx Vance, the daughter of Eli Vance.

22 Best PC FPS Games You Should Play

In this new story, Alyx is working with Eli as they both attempt to fight off the alien Combine. Unlike the other installment, this particular game requires players to enjoy the game in VR. Despite being in VR, Valve still made an effort to include all the elements you would expect for this science-fiction game. This includes puzzles, exploration and of course combat.

Fortunately, even though this game does require VR, players can still enjoy the game using several different compatible headsets for the PC platform. For instance, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was rumored to have a battle royale mode long before the game mode was announced and released.

Currently, the game offers either a team of three or solos. Players will ultimately drop into a large map and gather resources as they attempt to be the last man standing when the match comes to an end.

Depending on how many players are left, gamers that are taken out early in the game get sent to a 1v1 match where the winner is once again deployed back into the map. The video game title was a hit and grew a following though it left players with a cliffhanger with a sequel planned.

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That remake was supposed to hit the market in November but has since pushed back to Overall, players take on the role of a man who lost his memories. Riot Games for several years has been known just for League of Legends and for good reason. However, the studio has since expressed their interest in diving into other genres such as developing a FPS. This particular game mixes the precise aiming from the likes of CSGO with the teamwork hero-based roster of Overwatch.

Players will have an assortment of heroes to choose from each with their own unique ability and attributes. As a result, heroes can use their special abilities together such as creating a masked barrier to flank an area of the map.

This is set during the early s where the main storyline seems to follow a black operation with CIA officer Russell Adler as he attempts to track down and take out a believed soviet spy known only as Perseus. We know that this game will have a few different customization options as well. This time players can tweak the protagonist up a bit and there are multiple choices throughout the game.

Ultimately, this will offer different ending options to the players which could give some incentive in replaying the campaign. The battle royale genre has been increasing in popularity these past few years and it seems like more and more developers are interested in tossing out their own take.

competitive fps games 2020

Now it looks like the latest studio to throw their name out into the ring for competitive battle royale games is Ubisoft with their take on Hyper Scape. Rather than being a standard circle that closes in on players, random sections of the city will start to glitch and remove off the map, forcing you to leave. Gameplay, as mentioned, is very fast with players having to quickly move around the map, take out opponents, use a range of different abilities such as crafting up a large wall barrier, and of course aiding your teammates.

Similar to other games, if a teammate happens to lose its life, they will be able to maneuver around the map to respawn points for another living player to revive them. Another interesting aspect is that this game is focused around streaming where viewers can vote on different in-game events such as low gravity or offering infinite ammo for a duration of time.

When Doom first got its reboot inthe game became a massive hit.We may earn a commission if you click a deal and buy an item. This is how we make money. Subscribe to our newsletter. The FPS remains one of the most popular genres in modern gaming, compiling an abundance of global blockbusters and ambitious new groundbreakers, with new titles worth your time coming each and every day with a selection of weaponry, gadgets and other shenanigans.

Despite abandoning the solo campaign, Treyarch has managed to overcome fan worries and produce a spectacular shooter in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

The disappointing third entry is now forgotten as Black Ops 4 delivers three distinct modes in the form of traditional multiplayer, Zombies and Blackout, all of which shine brightly in their own way. By taking cues from the likes of Rainbow Six Siege and Overwatch, multiplayer puts you in control of customisable specialists with their own range of skills and equipment. Blackout is much the same, taking place across a sprawling map where you with a group of friends, or alone, aim to emerge victorious against other players.

Zombies is also great, feeling more accessible and engaging thanks to sharply written dialogue and three huge locations available at launch, or four if you splurge on the season pass. This is arguably the best Call of Duty since Advanced Warfare, added a much-needed tune-up to a stale franchise. How do you reboot the most influential shooter of all time without upsetting anyone?

In Doomthe monsters are trying to survive you. Related: Best Gaming Keyboard. With its tongue-in-cheek, finger-constantly-on-the-trigger approach, Bulletstorm seemed to epitomise the most dumbass elements of the FPS genre back indisguising an elegantly-designed experience full of inventive gameplay elements and genuinely brilliant boss fights.

Get past its off-kilter politics — turns out, the doomsday-prepping gun-lovers are the good guys — and Far Cry 5 is a brilliant retooling for the series, tossing tired elements aside watchtowers are switched out for prepper caches, for instance and doubling down on the mayhem with a team mechanic that lets you recruit the perfect squad for your goals Shotgun dude and helicopter?

Stealth-lady and sniper? Ah, sod it, rocket-man and bear again. Oh, and you can throw shovels at people. Related: Best PC Games. Related: Best Gaming Monitor. Since its underwhelming launch, Ubisoft has transformed Rainbow Six Siege into one of the biggest shooters on the planet both in terms of players and its presence as competitive esport.

Thanks to frequent seasonal updates, players are being treated to new maps, operators and content drops that expand the tactical meaning of everything Siege offers.From Fortnite to Hearthstone and everything in-between, we have you covered with our gaming tips and guides. Join Cultured Vultures as we bring you some of the biggest news from the world of wrestling. Grab your mouse and slay demons, aliens, and some very fragile red men.

Controllers will never be able match the precision aiming of a mouse and a fairly robust PC will always allow the smoothest gameplay, which is why you always see the best PC FPS games in eSports tournaments and not their console counterparts. Bear in mind that the competitive multiplayer portions of these games may not be as popular as they once were, but they still deserve recognition.

Could there even be a list on the best PC FPS games without focusing on this masterpiece, a game that Valve were so happy with that they presumably decided they could never top it with a sequel? You play again as Gordon Freeman, a scientist looking to free Earth from alien rule, but you probably already know that. Both offline training. Arguably the definitive PC FPS game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive more commonly known as CS:GO asks you to not only have the quickest reactions but to also learn every pixel and possible start of one map that you will play over and over again.

It will be a harsh introduction to play it at this point in its life, but with it being free and having a battle royale to also experience, you may as well leap in with a gas mask in tow — the community can be pretty toxic, so just play with friends.

Both offline single-player, bots. You may immediately think of Counter-Strike when you first see Insurgency: Sandstorm, but they are actually quite far apart in almost every regard apart from having an abundance of sand. Insurgecy is less about twitch reflexes and more about working completely as a team. The learning curve is steep and its mechanics possibly a little alien to you to begin with, but make no mistake: this is one of the most innovative and pulse-pounding FPS games in recent years.

From our Insurgency: Sandstorm review :. Single-player only. It also has a pretty immersive virtual reality versionif that floats your boat. There are other entries in the franchise that are worth tracking down that may hold up better with the passage of time, but mods are the new gods and all that.

A new, full-fledged sequel called S. Both Single-player bots. You may think that Left 4 Dead 2 still being so popular so far down the line from its release is pretty popular, but give yourself an hour with this squad-based horror marvel and you will see exactly why.

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Not only does the spectacle of the screen filling up with the undead never get old, but Valve prove again that they know how to make an iconic map or two, which means that you will want to keep playing the same levels over and over again. Epic Games have failed to match this masterpiece in carnage and mayhem despite their efforts with a recent uninspired revival before Fortnite came along and took up all their attention.

Here it is: the hardest, most stress fart inducing FPS game you will ever play. The screen fills with demonic creatures that kill you in a single hit, meaning that even lasting for longer than a single minute should be viewed as a serious achievement. Both MP mod. Without doubt one of the most influential games ever made the modern Fallout games owe a lot to this pioneering classicDeus Ex may look rather basic these days, but here come our old friends all the mods to fix that.

The completely different sequel to its grim military shooter predecessor has the added bonus of being free and also not Paladins, though its playerbase has been on the wane over the past couple of years.

Still as fun as it always has been, though.Competitive gaming has been a popular pastime for decades, but the money and industry around the top esports games is a relatively recent development. Esports doesn't mean some pals playing Mario Kart in a bedroom; esports is a multi-billion dollar industry that includes a plethora of titles in every genre, from shooters to simulators and everything in-between.

In no particular order, here are the top esports games in based on a number of factors, including viewership, events, and overall success. Eight years since the launch of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive CS:GO and it has maintained its position as one of the top esports games in the world, with frequent updates to the game, a lucrative market in weapon skins and knives, and a flurry of events every year.

The HLTV events page has all of the upcoming CS:GO esports action you can tune into or if you fancy competing yourself, jump in-game and play some ranked to test your mettle. South Korea is by far the most popular and successful market for LoL, with eight of the top 10 earners hailing from the nation. In fact, only one player in the top 25 — Luka "PerkZ" Perkovic — comes from a country other than South Korea or China, showing the popularity and dominance of the two Asian countries within LoL.

When it comes to active players, a report from last year states that there's around eight million concurrent active players in League every day, so while that's less than Fortnite which is available on almost every platform under the sunit's by far the most popular PC game. If you're interested in watching some League of Legends esports, head on over to the official League of Legends esports schedule. Alternatively, you can play ranked in-game to see how you stack up.

The game took the world by storm when it launched in September and while the buzz in the general media has died out, the esports scene is still thriving.

Competitive FPS Gaming On The Cloud?

Nothing has been confirmed yet for but everyone is expecting Epic Games to ramp up the stakes for the next World Cup. Thanks to the amount Epic gave out duringFortnite quickly surpassed most other esports titles to have the third all time highest prize total, surpassed only by CS:GO and DotA 2. Ask any random person on the street and chances are they'll have heard of Fortnite, even if they're not able to tell you exactly what it's about, which shows just how quickly Fortnite grew.

The official Fortnite competitive page lists all the upcoming events and has everything you need to know, or play some of the in-game tournaments to see if you're good enough to compete yourself. While LoL is immensely popular in Asian regions, the top 25 earners in Dota 2 are spread across 16 different nations, including the U.

A, China, France, and Romania. When it comes to prize money, Dota 2 blows every other title out of the water thanks to the method of funding used. The International is the name of the annual event and in the build-up, fans can purchase what is known as the "Compendium" in-game which contains all sorts of content from new modes and consumables to cosmetics and challenges.

Despite having the largest prize pools, Dota 2 doesn't shine a light to LoL's player count. To tune in to any upcoming events, take a look at the Dota 2 Liquidpedia page. Fancy a wedge of that enormous prize pool yourself? Play some ranked and see if you can handle it. One of the only esports to be played on console, the competitive Call of Duty scene is unique in the fact it moves on to a brand new title every year.

Top esports games 2020: Which titles are the biggest in competitive gaming?

Thanks to Call of Duty's annual release schedule, players have to learn the ins and outs of a whole new game every October.

When it comes to the Call of Duty player count, since it's played across so many different platforms and Activision doesn't release official numbers, there's no way to know for certain. At the time of writing, Modern Warfare doesn't have a ranked queue in-game, but you can enter via the CDL Challengers open league.

Overwatch 2 may be on the horizon this year, but the first game is still succeeding as an esport and has been for a good few years now. Long gone are the days of the Shanghai Dragons losing 42 matches on the bounce because every team is more than capable of winning each match.

When it comes to Overwatch esports, South Korea and the U.

competitive fps games 2020

A are the dominant countries, with 24 of the top 25 top earners hailing from either one the only other player is from Sweden. Coming up in the Overwatch League schedule are matches starting on February 8 running all the way until mid-August, followed by the World Cup later in the year. Although every platform has ranked play, Overwatch esports is only on PC. You can get stuck in by competing in the Overwatch Open Division once you're confident enough in your abilities.

Of course, these aren't the only esports. There's hundreds of games played at a competitive level, including Farming Simulator — seriously. Titles that just missed out on a spot in the top list include both PUBG and Apex Legendstwo successful battle royale games that are unfortunately living in the shadow of Fortnite.

FIFA 20 deserves a mention too, as the most successful sports esport, with multiple tournaments throughout the year including the ePremier League in partnership with the actual Premier League.

Then there's Hearthstone, Blizzard's Warcraft inspired card game; Rainbow Six Siege, a tactical shooter with countless events throughout the year; and Rocket League, a sports-driving hybrid that is one of the easiest esports to watch and understand.This goes for the platform as well. Regardless if you want to play on a PS4 or a PC, most modern games work on all platforms.

NOTE : This is not a list of the best shooters of all time. It is simply recommendations for 17 awesome FPS games to play in They just have to be from recent years and still feel fresh. However, like Counter-Strike, Six Siege lets you play as either an elite tactical unit or terrorists in a ton of different scenarios.

Besides offering plenty of game modes, it also provides a LOT of different ways to complete your objectives, and this is where it starts to set itself apart. You can blow your way through a wall to get to your target; you can propel down from the roof, and you can ram your way through the front door, to name a few.

This adds a different kind of tactical element than most other shooters on the market and makes you feel like an elite tactical unit. The online multiplayer mode is where this game really shines. Here are the best headsets for gaming right now. CS:GO should need no introduction or explanation, it is one of the biggest eSport games on the competitive gaming scene and by far the biggest fps game in eSports.

It is in many ways the same game we all fell in love with over ten years ago, but much more polished, optimized, and clean. However, you may have a few difficulties with your aiming if you are switching directly from Source to Global Offensive. So if you had any love for the older Counter-Strike games, or maybe never tried them not likelyyou really should try out CS:GO. While it did have some initial issues at release, most of the Overwatch success is very deserved.

It is fast-paced, fun, addictive, and offers endless replayability due to the ton of different characters and play styles. In case you have been living under a rock for the past years, this is what Overwatch is:. Two teams of 6 players fight over map-specific objectives such as Assault, Escort, Control, or Hybrid.

This sounds pretty standard, but this is where the similarities to other shooters end. Furthermore, there are different hero types, such as tanks, offense, defense, and supports. Overwatch is A LOT of fun and is a game we will likely play for years to come. While hype usually disappears as quickly as it appears, I do think Valorant has enough quality to live past the initial hype.

It is very reminiscent of Overwatch with its character-based kits and abilities but has more refined shooting mechanics and, in some sense, feels like a hybrid between Overwatch and CS:GO.

It is highly addictive, fast-paced, and rewards skill more than a lot of its competitors. This wacky, highly stylized, and highly addictive Battle Royale shooter has taken over the gaming world since its release in While Fortnite might turn some people off with its cartoonish and almost childish art style, it is not just a game for children.

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It is highly competitive, and few games on the market offer the same level of skill cap and high-paced gameplay. On the surface, it might look like most other Battle Royales. You are dropped down with X number of opponents and last man standing wins. However, Fortnite sets itself apart with its resource and building component, which also requires an enormous amount of skills to master. No other free-to-play game on the market is as ever-changing and receive as many updates as Fortnite, and once you get into the game, it is really hard to let go.

Apex Legends is completely free-to-play but has a level of polish and attention to detail that is rare today even among fully-priced triple-A games. The entire gameplay experience in Apex Legends is excellent. Combine that with the great innovations that Apex Legends has made to the battle royale formula.Betting on the potency of each period (quarter, game, set, inning).

It is necessary to guess which of the periods (quarters, games, sets, innings) appears to be more productive or which of them will have the same productivity. The way of scoring (from free kick, from penalty kick, from header, from kick, own goal). This bet is considered to be won if one of the players of two teams will score exactly two or more goals during the given match.

This bet is considered to be won if one of the players of two teams will score exactly three or more goals during the given match.

Best FPS Games to Play in 2020 – 17 Excellent Modern Shooters

This bet considered to be won if one of the players of two teams will score exactly four and or goals during the given match. The victory of home (receiving teams) or away (guest teams) team taking into account the handicaps. The victory is defined by the difference of goals (points) collected accordingly by the Home Team and the Away Team taking into account the handicaps. Betting on the quantity of draw games, victories of Home team and Away team in one playing or tournament day.

Result of the participant. In case of this bet it is necessary to guess if the participant will achieve the definite stage of competition (for ex. For a bet on passing to the next stage, when the participants meet several times, in case of changing the sequence of holding the games in the fields of teams (participants) the bets remain valid.

If one of the matches has not taken place or has been interrupted and also if the result of the first match has been changed, the transition is defined by the factual transition of the team (participant) to the next stage.

If the participant of the match cannot finish it or take part in it because of some reasons (injury, refusal, etc. The bets win if the result has been reached and lose if it hasn't been reached (if otherwise is not mentioned in the line).

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competitive fps games 2020

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