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3.1.2 vs 5.1.2 soundbar

3.1.2 vs 5.1.2 soundbar

LG has been in the soundbar game for many years, churning out mainly lower-priced bars designed to mate with the company's TVs. The focus on affordable product has likely been a strategic one for LG—the average consumer reeling from the sticker-shock of an OLED TV purchase isn't likely to shell out another grand for a soundbar system, no matter how good it performs.

Forhowever, LG opted to go high-end, releasing a feature-packed trio of soundbars with commensurate price tags. Google Assistant is also onboard to facilitate requests like "volume up" or "pause playback" without having to reach for your phone or the included remote control.

Most soundbars aren't much in the looks department, but the SL8YG, with its rounded corners and modest 2. The soundbar, which is designed to mate with inch and up TV screens, links wirelessly to a slim ported subwoofer featuring a 7-inch driver concealed by a black mesh wraparound grille.

A line of capacitive touch controls is located on the soundbar's top panel and a large alphanumeric LED display is up front to indicate input selection, volume, and sound mode or EQ changes. LG's small but solid remote control doesn't have backlit keys, but the buttons on its face are large and labeled with bold white text and symbols. I had no issue using it even in a dark room, though I was initially thrown off by the input button, which is oddly labeled "F" for Function.

If can also be used to adjust the subwoofer, center speaker, and overhead, and rear provided you have them speaker levels.

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Performance LG teamed with England's Meridian Technologies for its soundbar lineup, with Meridian contributing to component and algorithm design and acoustic tuning. Streaming a few reference music tracks from Tidal via Chromecast built-in, I could easily hear the benefits of the collaboration: acoustic instruments like guitar and piano had a mostly natural presentation and voices also sounded clear and reasonably full. Surprisingly, the same impression held when I switched over to listening in Movie mode, which uses the bar's upfiring drivers to expand the width and height of the stereo image and does so without affecting the timbre of voices and instruments.

An electronic music track, Aphex Twin's "Produk 29 []", also sounded impressively spacious and full, but the slightly crisp tone of the track's snare drum and hi-hat samples caused me to knock back the SL8YG's treble control to the -1 position.

The song's powerful bass came through with good definition—this is clearly not your typical one-note soundbar sub. I did occasion- ally hear some leanness in the system's upper bass range, but the blend was acceptable for the most part.

Performance with Atmos movies was also impressive, though I did feel the need to sit within a foot distance from the soundbar and to boost the level of the overhead speakers to maximize Atmos effects in my room, which has a 9-foot-high flat ceiling.

I did miss the presence of discrete surround speakers in this scene, which I expect would have extended the immersive effect beyond the front of my head. Watching Mother!

LG SN7R 35 5.1.2 Review: Take Your Audio to the Next Level

Javier Bardem's bass-heavy voice came across as natural in the film's dialogue-driven scenes, though I also sensed that dialogue became a bit recessed in sequences where the soundtrack became more dynamic and complicated, such as the film's crazed party scenes.So what are they like?

And should you consider buying one? The Korean giant's soundbars have garnered a mixed reception so far. But if "an uncommonly affordable Dolby Atmos soundbar" piques your interest — and it should do, it was a phrase uttered by us upon reviewing an LG 'bar — then why not take a closer look?

LG's new soundbar range for has just been unveiled. As a key player in home cinema, LG has something to prove in the realm of best soundbars. It may not have achieved the hit rate of Sonos or Yamaha yet, but LG has clearly put a lot of effort into honing its new range — which will doubtless mean a plethora of deals on its earlier ranges.

But are LG soundbars any good?

Big Picture Big Sound

And should you consider an LG soundbar deal if you spot a bargain? We'll provide all the expert advice you need to make a sound bar decision. It does a good job of spreading soundtracks far and wide and, to a lesser extent, above and could be a possible solution if introducing multiple speakers to the lounge is a hard no.

Built-in Google Assistant is on board too. It proved a solid three-star soundbar when we considered the sound quality for bass softness and dynamic expression, but its attractive build and Dolby Atmos support remains a good advert for the format and sets a decent precedent for the rollout. While the LG SL9YG didn't exactly receive a glowing review, the impressive sense of Dolby Atmos height featured again, as did the premium feel, and we also heard floor-shaking bass.

The sound was middling, but the product showed immense promise if LG could achieve a better integrated, more dynamic and solid sound. On paper, LG's soundbar spec-sheet looks impressive.

This addition to the feature list is essentially auto-calibration tech, meaning compatible soundbars will analyse your room and adjust their sound to suit the space available. Prices for the UK, Australia and the rest of the world are not yet known, but we'll update this information here as soon as we have it.

Boasting a similar spec-sheet albeit in a 3. Forthe flagship SN11RG offering is LG's most impressive-looking proposition, although it does also have the biggest price tag. At the other end of the scale, however, LG has already included its two most budget-friendly soundbars in a recent sales promotion, proving there are bargains to be had, even on brand new releases.

While we've yet to test a class of LG soundbar, if LG has capitalised on the immersive Dolby Atmos chops seen in previous iterations and fine-tuned the sound quality, it could be on to a winner this year. We wouldn't turn our noses up at a tempting LG soundbar deal, should one present itself. Check for feature support on cheaper and smaller models, as things such as DTS:X and built-in Google Assistant aren't a given at that end of the scale, but there's a fair chance they will still offer good value.

While the range has yet to grace our testing facility, these are particularly tempting on paper due to the inclusion of AI Sound Pro auto-calibration tech for the first time.

LG SN8YG 3.1.2 Dolby Atmos Soundbar review

The models are bound to be reduced, too, so if virtual surround-sound on a tight budget is top of your list, keep an eye out for deals. For the ultimate sonic enhancement of your TV's sound, we'd suggest checking out our buying guide to the best soundbarswhich is full of worthy alternatives for you to consider. Awards winner, or the Yamaha YASwhich also took home a trophy at our awards ceremony.But with Vizio, Samsung and Sony all making their own rival bars, what does LG bring to the table to separate it from the pack?

The bad news? The SN8YG's flawed additional features and premium price tag can be off-putting, but for folks who simply want cinematic sound that enhances the midrange and rocks a wide soundstage, the LG SN8YG 3.

So how does that stack up against other soundbars? The one exception to that rule? The Vizio 36" 5. The top has a brushed aluminum finish that looks fairly fancy and hosts a row of touch-capacitive playback controls alongside two plastic grilles for the upfiring speakers, while the front drivers are housed inside a separate silver plastic grille. The plastic remote that ships with the soundbar is basic, but passable, and the soundbar's LED lights do a good job of letting you know which mode you're using and if it's playing a Dolby Atmos source.

You can add on surround speakers with the 2. The ones that are easy and straightforward, however, are the integration of Bluetooth and Chromecast, the latter of which can be used as soon as you link it to your Google Home account. What sounds simple took us a week to finally get set up properly the app told us that there were no speakers on the networkand only then could we try out the AI Room Calibration tool.

While some soundbars offer bucketloads of bass or go heavy on the high-end, the SN8YG goes right down the middle, focusing on enhancing vocal clarity and making dialogue easier to hear. That said, the accompanying subwoofer adds an almost cinematic element to the mix that makes action sequences sound dynamic.

To put the soundbar to the test, we watched Season 2 of Umbrella Academy on Netflix when it debuted in August, and we really felt the action sequences benefited from the SN8YG's bombastic bass response and clear dialogue. We also liked that the soundbar still has a fairly wide soundstage and a wide sweet spot that allows you to sit anywhere in the room and still get good stereo sound.

Of course, we emphasize stereo sound there because the surround sound does disappoint a bit, especially when pitted against a true 5. The swelling of orchestral scores is boosted by the subwoofer to give a sense of dynamism and traditional rock and rap feels forceful thanks to the emphasis on mid-range vocals. It adds some low-end bass to bring some punch to explosions, vehicle chases and, for music lovers, intensifies bass drops, bass grooves and anything percussive.

You want Dolby Atmos in a unibody speaker Some people hate clutter and want the most clean, cable-free solution out there. At the time this article was published, it had a 1. In fact, for most, this soundbar will cost more than their TV. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. CES Innovation Week. Home Reviews Audio Visual.Some of the receivers say they're 7.

What do I need and what do these numbers really mean?

Should you buy an LG soundbar?

And can I do the same thing with a soundbar intead of buying a receiver and lots of speakers? As the technology of audio and video reproduction advances, things have gotten more complicated.

Monophonic tube radios evolved into stereophonic HiFi systems, which in turn evolved into multi-channel surround sound systems. The most recent advance in surround sound -- "immersive sound" -- reproduces sound in all directions, not just in front of and behind the listener, but above our heads too. As these technologies have advanced, a common shorthand has arisen in order to identify the different options available to consumers.

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And those are the numbers you're asking about. If a system does not have any dedicated height channels, then the last digit is left off.

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Here are some examples:. The Dolby Atmos system pictured here includes 12 speakers in a 7. The numbers can go even higher. Some theatrical immersive sound systems utilize dozens of speakers to reproduce sound as realistically and immersively as possible.

But a 7. And in a large living room or even a dedicated home theater, a 7. It's important to note that not every speaker represented by one of the numbers needs to be in its own physical box.

Similarly, not all "height channel" speakers need to be physically placed above the listener in the ceiling or high on a wall. Some height speakers are placed at the listener's ear level but are angled up in order to bounce sound off the ceiling. This gives the illusion of sound coming from above when it's actually being generated from ear height or below. While a receiver with dedicated speakers will generally give you the best results, some companies are making soundbars that provide a pretty realistic immersive surround experience.

New soundbars from companies such as Yamaha, Samsung and LG are designed to bounce sound off both the side walls and the ceiling in order to create a "5.

These types of systems can be effective at generating an immersive soundfield, but for best results, the listening room must have regular wall and ceiling surfaces that are reflective enough for sound to bounce off and reach the listener's ears from the right directions. New soundbars, such as the LG SL10Y use side-firing and upward-firing speakers to create a virtual 5.

Also, to answer the last part of your question, some receiver makers tout their receivers as "7. While it is recommended in many listening rooms to use more than one subwoofer to compensate for standing waves and room modesthe fine adjustments in level and phase for each subwoofer are typically done on the subwoofer itself, not in the receiver.

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3.1.2 vs 5.1.2 soundbar

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3.1.2 vs 5.1.2 soundbar

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